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Dissolving Filler

While fillers are becoming increasingly popular due to the non-permanent and incredible results that can be achieved by the right hands, having the option to reverse the treatment is important, not just to make sure you get perfect results, but also to keep you safe!


Filler dissolving is a treatment that can be used to quickly break down dermal filler safely and comfortably. The treatment works by injecting hyaluronidase into the area, which is an enzyme that exists naturally in your body already, to break down the hyaluronic acid in the filler formula, which is then carried away by your body’s own natural systems.
SkinLuxe highly recommends that you should only ever have filler treatment if you know the clinic has hyaluronidase on hand in case of emergencies.
  • Poor placement of filler can block veins or arteries, leading to swelling, infection, and even permanent tissue death (necrosis) if the filler isn’t removed in time.
  • If the filler is injected too close to the surface of your lip, bumps and hard lumps can appear, making your lips look misshapen and uneven. 
  • Filler that is administered incorrectly can migrate over time, moving above your lip line and making you look swollen in all the wrong places. 
  • Overfilling can lead to bruising, pain, discolouration and raw or sensitive lips.



Lip filler dissolving can also be used by patients who want to reduce the volume of their lips and go back to the more natural look, as famously seen on Kylie Jenner.

When you come to the clinic for lip filler dissolving treatment, we’ll take pictures of your lips to keep track of your condition and give you all the information you need to make the right choice for you.

There is a small chance of allergic reaction when using hyaluronidase to dissolve lip fillers, which will be discussed with you before treatment and a patch test will be conducted to ensure your safety. Lip filler dissolving is a quick treatment, and the injection process generally only takes around five minutes. We also offer numbing cream for the lips to reduce discomfort, and this takes around 20 minutes to be effective.

There are very few serious side effects to lip filler dissolving treatment using hyaluronidase, though swelling from 24-72 hours after treatment is very common. You might also experience some slight bruising after treatment due to the injections – this is all normal. 

After a few days, your lips should be returned to their natural state and you should wait at least two weeks before having any other lip filler treatments. This gives the lips time to heal and allows the full dose of hyaluronidase to be broken down by the body, so that when you get new filler, it isn’t dissolved immediately.